Hidden Camera Detector

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You can make a sweep and detect a wide range of illegal spying devices including hidden wireless cameras, GPS trackers, digital recorder etc.

Get Peace of Mind Using this device to scan your home, hotel room, airbnb, car, office, will give you a great sense of security. How can you use it? This is perfect solution for anyone who is concerned that they might be a victim of illegal surveillance. RF Signal Detection When it detect the eavesdropping devices or spy camera, the front LED lamp of the detector will light up, and there will be vibration and sound alerts. It has Ten levels LED indicator, the closer to bugs the more noise and the higher LED level.

Camera Lens Finding The back of the detector is equipped with six high-brightness laser lights. Click GS buttom to turn on the laser light. Peering from the front window you can see reflection of spy camera lens.

Magnetic field detection Search for any magnetic field with the magnetic field sensor probe and if you find it, the LED light at the front of the probe will be on and the vibrator or buzzer will work. The signal intensity indicator will be fully on indicating that there is a magnetic field or something suspicious near the probe.

Detectable devices 1.2G to 5.8G wireless hidden camera pinhole camera spy camera ip camera monitor surveillance device (even on standby mode) 2G,3G,4G mobile phone SIM card bug GPS locator car tracker eavesdropper Where can you use it? This little gadget is very secure way to save your privacy.

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