Cleaning Sterilizing Robot


4 UV-C lights with built-in AI help eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria, dust mites in your mattress and quilt. Automatic circulation, effective sterilization, preventing the spread of viruses in the air. (not absorbing the dust)

18 intelligent AI sensors control motion, intelligent sensing edge, no drop. The patented wheel technology, enabling the small cleanse but to run smoothly even on soft textile surfaces, and can be used as automatic circulation sterilization in your quilt.

Built-in 18 sensors Automatic Mode(Double Press Power Button), the bed robot will automatically clean under and over your sheets and bedspread, not fall off the bed. You can also put it into Handheld Mode(Press Once Power Button) to eliminate objects like light switches, pillows, phone screen, and any surface.

Portable USB Charging

Anti-mite robot designed with compact size and can work as a portable 4800mAh rechargeable fast charger, easy carrying for storage and travel.

Wide Applications

Kill bacteria and dust mites on the bed and blankets, so that keep your child and pets free from germs, and can be used to quickly and easily disinfect your kitchen supplies.

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