Cat Water Fountain

$49.99 $59.99

Keep Your Loved Pets Hydrated With An Ever Flowing Stream Of Fresh And Clean Water

Have you ever seen your cat drink from a dripping faucet?

Cats and dogs prefer to drink moving water rather than still water found in the bowl. As many cats get their most water from the food they eat and they are often fed a diet of dry kibble, many cast are in a constant phase of dehydration.


Sound of flowing water attract cats attention: Cats often have trouble seeing the water level in a traditional water bowl. The FountainJet stimulates their natural curiosity 

Keeps Your Fur Babies Healthy: perfect size that holds 2.4L of water, encouraging adequate hydration which promotes urinary tract health and proper kidney function.

Non-Toxic: The water fountain is carefully designed with ultra-durable BPA free plastic or stainless steel which triple activated charcoal and ion exchange filter which catches hair and debris, removes bad tastes and odors so the water remains fresh all the time.

Great For Sensitive Cats: It's shallow raised surface helps prevent whisker fatigue, which can happen when drinking or eating from a bowl that is too deep.

Auto-Shutoff Feature: When the water level is too low the LED indicator will begin flashing red and automatically turn off the pump.

Super Silent Pump: The uniquely designed water pump is deployed with a customizable suction cup to diminish the noise to the minimum.

USB Compatible: Plugs in anywhere you have access to a USB port.

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